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Steve Ward, BCBA

Play! Creative Ideas and Detailed Processes for Pursuing Intrinsic Motivation

2 Learning BACB®

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Meg Solomon, Dr. Mari-Luci Cerda BCBA, LBA and Jennifer Farris

Radically Assessing the Behavior of the Implementer: How to analyze your own behavior prior to teaching

2 Supervision BACB®

Abbey Mix, BCBA

Shaping Thinking Behavior Through Coaching Conversations

2 Learning BACB®

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The Hidden Link: A Behavior Analyst's Guide to Emotional Regulation

PRESENTER(S): Megan DeLeon (Miller), PhD, BCBA-D, IBA

March 6th, 2023 at 9:30am - 3:30pm EST

Zoom Webinar (recording will be available w/purchase) – 6 Learning BACB® – What’s the secret to unlocking the full potential of your clients? Attend Dr. DeLeon’s workshop on Emotional Regulation and discover the game-changing skill set that’s been hiding in plain sight. Dr. DeLeon brings her deep expertise and keen insights to this workshop, providing an overview of the science behind emotional regulation and how to effectively teach these critical skills to clients. Drawing on a wealth of research and practical experience, Dr. DeLeon will guide you through the key skill areas that are essential for promoting long-term behavioral change. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a crucial edge in your practice and help your clients achieve their full potential!

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